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  • Tropical SpicesWe can offer you food safe spices sourced from India, Indonesia and China. Our main items are white and black pepper, chillies, turmeric, nutmeg, etc. Black pepper White pepper ... Read more

  • Mediterranean HerbsOur Mediterranean herbs are mainly sourced from Kutas (Turkey), our own partner company (oregano, bay-leaves), Egypt (marjoram, basil) and Morocco (rosemary, thyme). We can offer a ... Read more

  • Capsicums, chillies and paprikaMain sources for capsicums are: India, China, Spain, Peru and Israel. Below you can find a short overview of our product varieties : Paprika Chillies Cayenne pepper Jalape ... Read more

  • Onion and GarlicOur garlic is mainly sourced from China and USA, which are the main sources in the world.  We source our onion from the USA and India. Garlic Onion Read more

  • Dried vegetablesBelow you find a short overview of our product varieties : Bell peppers Tomatoes Mushrooms Chives Parsley Dill Read more

  • Freeze dried vegetablesWe can offer a wide range of freeze dried vegetables, in different cut sizes and qualities. Below you find a short overview of our main FD products : Mushrooms Chives Leek Caul ... Read more

  • Extracts & oleoresinsMain oleoresins which we can offer can be found below . Paprika Black pepper Ginger Capsicum Curcumin powder Read more