Sustainable solutions

  • European Spice Services faces the fact that full traceability of products (traceability from the raw materials to the finished good) is graining in importance. ESS responds to this demand by offering quality products of certified suppliers. All our products can be traced back to the raw material going into the factory and many of our products can be traced back to farm level.¬†
  • European Spice Services anticipates on the increasing demands of our customers about pesticides residues, aflatoxins, OTA, SO2 and illegal dyes. These can only be controlled and measured by offering farm-controlled products.
  • European Spice Services supports suppliers that invest in farm-controlled products. We offer them as Farm to Fork products.
  • We are innovative by also offering organic products and we follow the new trend to source products with the Fair Trade label.

Photos: Local farm, chillies field with irrigation, Farm-to-Fork in country of orgin (CH), oregano field in Turkey.