Processing and quality control solutions

  • European Spice Services selects its suppliers at source country based on factory audits and frequent inspections. We pay special attention to quality systems and operational procedures. 
  • European Spice Services was the first importer of food safe spices, herbs and dehydrated vegetables from source country in Europe. The long-term relationship with our suppliers resulted in a proven capacity for many years and it gives us a strong competitive advantage in the market.
  • Food safety risks are controlled and measured by reputed top class manufacturers at source country where the product passes through all necessary production steps needed for making a food safe product. The processing steps include washing, drying, hand selection, cleaning, sieving, steam sterilization, milling and metal detection.
  • Our suppliers are all HACCP, ISO9001, BRC or AIB certified and audited. Their products are tested in in-house laboratories and special tests are done in International reputed accredited laboratories like Eurofins, Campden and Sino Analytica.
  • All our products meet the EU regulations. We supply all our products meeting the according product specifications and we can deliver the required certificates of analysis for every product.

Photos: drying, cleaning, sieving, sterilisation, milling, metal detector.