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  • Dehydrated garlicWe source all our garlic from high quality vendors with proven capabilities. In our product range we can provide you with flakes, granules (different sizes available) and powder, a ... Read more

  • Dehydrated bell pepperThe main growing areas for bell pepper are Inner Mongolia, Shanxi, Ningxia and Gansu Province. Our product range exists of red and green bell pepper in different cut sizes from 0,4 ... Read more

  • Dehydrated vegetablesNext to bell peppers and garlic we can offer you in our product range of dehydrated vegetables also: Onion Cauliflower  Broccoli  Asparagus Read more

  • Freeze dried vegetablesWe can offer a wide range of freeze dried vegetables, in different cut sizes and qualities. Below you find a short overview of our main FD products. Mushrooms Chives Leek Cauli ... Read more

  • Capsicums, chillies and paprikaBelow you find a short overview of our product variaties we can offer you from China : Paprika Chillies Cayenne pepper Read more

  • Spices and herbsIn China we can source black and white pepper, ginger, star anise, Szechuan pepper. All these spices are available in different sizes (whole, cut, sliced, ground, etc.). Read more