Selection and auditing of suppliers

  • China Spice Services has selected its suppliers based on repeated factory visits and audits since the start in 2008.  
  • We have set up the quality systems with each supplier and we have defined  the operating procedures for every product that we buy.
  • We keep in each factory a sample library with the reference samples for processing.
  • We gave all the approved suppliers trial orders to validate the quality of the systems, procedures and most important the quality of the products.
  • Our inspectors are present during the processing of the orders and adjust the procedures where needed.
  • The approved suppliers are awarded with more orders when the performance is proven.
  • We support the suppliers that can demonstrate lot tracing from the farm level and incoming raw materials till the finished products.
  • We value the good attitude of the suppliers to the inspection and quality control scheme. A good attitude is proven to be as important as the good hard ware to process the products.

        Photos: Farm, milling, sieving, metal detection, hand selection, packing.