Factory based inspection

  • China Spice Services has factory based inspectors who are present during the processing of our products. They are well trained and pay attention to the critical control points during the processing. These control points are raw material control, hand selection, drying, sieving, milling, metal detection and packing of the finished products.
  • The inspector is our insurance policy that the product we purchase for our customers is processed in the factory that we audited and is not outsourced at an uncontrolled factory.
  • The inspector controls if the product passes all necessary production steps needed to make a quality product meeting our customer expectations.
  • The inspector draws samples from the finished products and compare these with the reference samples kept in the sample library in the factory. He evaluates the samples on sensory including tasting the product in a deluted water solution.
  • Than the inspector sends the samples to our preferred third party laboratory in Qingdao or the laboratory of our customers choice for testing the microbiology and chemical parameters including pesticides, heavy metals, SO2, illegal dyes, aflatoxins, OTA or other legal parameters.
  • After the product meets the customer specifications, the inspector signs off the inspection form and the goods can be released and shipped.
  • The long term relationship developed with our suppliers who value our inspection scheme resulted in better business for all parties. It brings a proven capability and gives us a strong competitive advantage in the market.
  • All our products meet the EU regulations. We supply our products according product specifications and deliver always with the required certificates of analysis.

Photos: John in action (picture 1,2 & 3), Sino Analytica 3rd party lab.