Customer services

  • China Spice Services has offices in Hong Kong and Shanghai. Our professional team with an International training and work experience is based in Shanghai. We have developed a strong sourcing network with sub offices strategically located in Qingdao and Linyi where our trained and experienced operational staff is based. This is how we can ensure that all customer inquiries are responded on time and in full.
  • Our constant and local presence in the middle of the processing areas results in better product and market knowledge.
  • Our many years of experience results in a unique product expertise and we can respond to the important technical questions. We have the technical International back up from our global network of partners and laboratories.
  • We are up to date with new International regulations because of our membership to the European Spice Association, ASTA and our global network.
  • Our highly professional and experienced operational team makes sure that the orders are registered in our Exact ERP ordering system. They make sure that the right product resource codes are delivered on time with the customer. Any possible delays are communicated directly to the customer.
  • Our team is the eyes and ears in China for our overseas customers. We can offer a neutral inspection and sourcing service for global customers.
  • China Spice Services offers a one-stop shop for garlic, onion, bell pepper, AD and FD vegetables and spices from China.

Photos: Customer service calling, Office picture.